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Meet the Nerds, er... The Owners


Untapped History was founded in 2016 by two historians: Eric Getz and Alex Cain.  Both have extensive backgrounds working in the educational and historical fields.


Eric Getz

Eric is a middle school teacher at a Merrimack Valley public school.  Previously, he worked with a variety of historical museums for almost two decades.  He has written, directed, and produced award-winning exhibits for educational centers and museums throughout the country including the Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, and Pilgrim Hall.   


Alex Cain

Alex is an academic dean at a Boston area institution.  He has published two books and countless research articles on the American Revolution and 18th Century Colonial New England.  Alex has served as a consultant and instructor to several major historical sites and preservation organizations throughout the Northeast.  He has also been a key instrumental figure in the design and implementation of educational and interpretive programs for the Battle of Lexington.   


Recognizing that Newburyport had an important story to be told, Eric and Alex formed Untapped History.  It is their desire to share with the world the inspirational stories of Newburyport.  Together they have designed a quality tour presentation that will entertain and educate their guests.     

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