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Where Do You Get All Those Wonderful Clothes?

One common question we often get during an Untapped History tour is “who makes your clothing?”

Well, that answer is simple. Either we do it ourselves or we have a very talented and historically accurate tailor make it for us.

When we sat down two years ago and started to design our tour program, Eric immediately recognized the importance of making sure our recreated clothing was right the first time 'round.

We knew that we could go the cheap route and simply purchase Halloween or theater costumes. But we also realized that If we relied upon questionable clothing that could pass for the official uniform of Whitesnake, then we would be doing a disservice to our guests.

In short, it was important to both of us that we correctly and faithfully interpret the clothing of Colonial and Federalist Newburyport.

The following videos are produced by Burnley & Trowbridge and Fort Ticonderoga and demonstrate proper and historically accurate18th Century sewing techniques.

The methods outlined in each of these videos are utilized by Untapped History when we make our clothing and equipment to ensure our presentation is as accurate as current research will permit.

Want to see some of our mad sewing skills in action? Join us for a tour and then ask us! We’re more than happy to demonstrate a few of our talents ... well at least before the Rattle Skulls come out!

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